Jord Watch Giveaway

Long time, no type! I’m sorry for the radio silence over here, but I’m in the middle of painting our kitchen cabinets and that crazy ordeal has sucked my time like a vacuum.  Once I’m finished I will definitely post about the transformation, but for now you can keep up with me on Instagram (mostly in my stories because I’m not about to post the hot mess that my kitchen is on my feed;)).



Anyway! I’m taking a quick break from my paintbrush to offer y’all something super exciting from my friends over at Jord Wood Watches. I got my wood watch this summer and I’m genuinely obsessed. It’s the nicest watch I’ve ever owned and I just love everything about it.  The huge gold face, stellar craftsmanship and lightweight material are right up my alley.  Besides my wedding ring and Aggie ring, it’s the only piece of jewelry I wear every single day and that’s saying a lot since I haven’t worn a watch at all in about ten years.  Or maybe ever, actually.



Isn’t it cute? You kind of definitely want one for yourself, right? Well, you’re in luck! The sweet people over at Jord are offering my readers a giveaway where the winner wins a $75 credit toward a watch of their choosing and everyone who enters (other than the winner) will get a $20 credit just for entering.  And by everyone, I mean e v e r y o n e.  Isn’t that awesome!?

If you want to enter, follow this link and just type your name and email – it’s that simple!

This giveaway will run until August 25th at 11:59 p.m. The winner will be randomly selected and notified by email. Be sure to follow me @ahousewithbooks and Jord @woodwatches_com on Instagram so that you don’t miss any updates!


Good luck, lovelies! I’m off to paint cabinet doors…

Shop Jord-

Jord’s Women’s Shop

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