Friday Favorites: Modern Nursery

It’s basically the weekend! Let’s celebrate with Friday Favorites, and talk about my current nursery obsessions.  We’re expecting a baby boy in August and the main pieces of his nursery are in place, but I haven’t put the finishing touches on his room. Since it’s not ready for a reveal, I thought I would put together a board with all of items I’m using or almost identical versions (our dresser/changing table for instance is the exact same configuration as the one below, but our version is vintage and painted).

The theme is simple and modern with white, gray and gold. I’m obsessed with the modern nursery and I want to the room to be peaceful, soft and earthy.  It’s obviously gender neutral so these pieces can work for either a boy or a girl and I just love the idea of creating a nursery that you (and by you and I mean mom;)) want to spend time in, too. I mean let’s be honest, you’re the one who’s going to be spending the most time in there in the middle of the night, feeding and staring at the wall trying not to fall asleep.  It should at least be a room that you love right?  We all know the day is coming when they will get to plaster the walls in Paw Patrol posters and sleep under Peppa Pig comforters.  I think mom can have control over the design choices for now!

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 10.17.32 PM

Some of these items we already have, some on are my wish list (hello JuJu hat!) and some are slightly different (we have a real Majestic Palm instead of a faux Fiddle Leaf Fig), but this is the gist of our little guy’s nursery.  Click on the links below to find each piece and happy shopping!

Lamp (for late night diaper changes)

Side Table (place next to your glider/rocker)

Rug (always go for a plush rug in the nursery)

Dresser/Changing Table (remove the changing top when you’re done with diapers)

JuJu Hat

Faux Plant


What are your favorite nursery pieces? Do you have an elaborate theme or do you keep it simple?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Friday, lovelies! XOXO


*This post does contain affiliate links, but as always all opinions and comments are my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands and companies that make this blog possible.

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