Master Bedroom Refresh (Part I)

Step 1) You move into your new home

Step 2) You decorate everything …except the master bedroom

Sound familiar? I know I can’t be the only one who always leaves the master bedroom until last, but I can finally say mine is almost complete!

We moved into our home a year and a half ago and of course, saved our bedroom for last.  It was the last space to be painted (the crown molding and baseboards in our house used to be dark brown) and is just now being filled in with furniture and decor.  This was the state of our bedroom a few months ago…


Nice, simple, pretty…by all accounts a great room, but not the cozy retreat we needed.  It was begging for a refresh.  Thankfully, my friends at swooped in to rescue me and got my butt in gear.  Can I say butt? I can, right? Being around toddlers all the time (and especially their moms) has me questioning these things;)

Okay, I want to show you how I started this transformation step by step, so let’s go waaaaay back. So far back, we didn’t even own this house yet.  This is the listing photo of our bedroom:


Yeah…not exactly my style. This is the current state…

SONY DSCAs I mentioned earlier, I started this refresh off with help from  They were kind enough to collaborate with me on this project and our gorgeous, new bedside dressers and rugs are all from there.


I chose dressers as nightstands because I was looking for ample storage, pieces that would hide all the cords to our lamps and chargers and because our room is quite large.  I knew I needed pieces that would hold their own against our king bed and fill in the long wall space.


I’m obsessed with these dressers. I love the functionality of them, but the beauty? It makes me even happier. They’re clean and modern, but the hardware and thin, drawer lines give them just the right amount of traditional character to fit in with the rest of our home.

And our new rugs? My feet are huge fans of them.


I used to get out of bed onto a hard floor and now I legitimately feel like I’m stepping onto a pillow. These rugs are plush and don’t shed so they’ve turned out to be the perfect choice.

To finish off our beside spaces I chose these round mirrors that I’ve been crushing on since the first time I saw them at Target and white, reading lamps from Target as well.


Well, that’s it! The first part of our bedroom refresh is completed and I’m so happy with the results.  The night after we got our new furniture I slept great and my husband jokingly said, “Was it the dressers?”.  He knows me pretty well, y’all;)


In Part II, I’ll show you how I’m finishing things off with a fun, DIY project and personal art for above the bed.  Have a great day, lovelies and thanks for stopping by! xoxo


*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The opinions and comments are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that make this blog possible. 

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Seagrass Basket





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