Branch Arrangements: Instant Drama

Instant drama? It’s not something I enjoy in my everyday life, but in home decor – gimme! When I started this home design journey I began noticing something (on Pinterest & Instagram, because that’s where I notice all the things) – tree branch arrangements…

Check out that mantel arrangement! Source: Elle Decor, full gallery here
Again, mantle gorgeousness! Source: Styled, by Emily Henderson. Designs by, Brian Flaherty of Schoolhouse Electric

I love the statement these arrangements make, but more than that I’m all about anything that brings the outside, in. In any season, I have multiple, living trees, houseplants and live clippings sprinkled throughout our home.  It keeps things fresh (literally. The air purifying benefits are wonderful) and organic.

It might sound crazy, but it just soothes me to look around our home and see things that are alive, growing and not man-made, but something greater. With that being said, how do I accomplish this in my own home?


Fresh eucalyptus clippings surround stock flowers from Trader Joe’s for a simple, summery centerpiece…



Crape Myrtle branches on the mantle make me a happy girl.  I may or may not have ‘borrowed’ them from my hometown library’s tree…



Any vase will do, but in my opinion a glass carboy makes the perfect vessel for natural clippings.


I think these natural elements add such a wonderful sense of peace and beauty to a room, don’t you? They’re also a great option for those whose thumbs aren’t exactly green.  If you keep them trimmed and in fresh water, a healthy branch or clipping should last you at least a couple of weeks.

What do you think? Is this something you could incorporate into your home? Happy clipping! Watch those fingers and don’t steal from your neighbors without permission…nobody wants a neighbor war. 😉


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