Summer Reading List

You know what my dream is? Someone telling me in May that I have to read a certain number of books by the end of summer and if I don’t, I’ll be in trouble.

I mean then I would have to stop washing dishes after dinner and running in the morning, just so I could get in a little extra book time, right? It would literally be a rule and let’s face it, nobody likes detention…that is if they even still have detention. I mean do they? Okay, I’m getting off topic.

Summer Reading List! That’s why we’re here folks.  I love reading all year long, but there is just something about summer reading.  It feels like the time when you can really dive into that classic you’ve been dreaming about or feel free to read a string of books that aren’t exactly challenging, but keep you up late into the night because you just can’t. stop. turning the page.

Today, I’m giving you two lists for the price of one.  The first is my Ultimate Summer Reading List, a mix of my all-time favorite summer reads, and the second is what I’ll be reading in Summer 2016. I won’t give a full review for each one, nobody has time for that, but I’ll give you a teaser just so you know what you’re in for. Alright, get those Amazon passwords ready…


Ultimate Summer Reads


The Secret Keeper, Kate Morton

My favorite author, hands down. This gem is a good old fashioned period mystery set in England. This is no Agatha Christie crawler though, Morton will keep your page turning as if by magic and you will devour this book – I promise you.

Along the Infinite Sea, Beatriz Williams

Williams is another favorite of mine (her books were just made for the summer in my opinion) and this sweeping tale has mystery, historical fiction and a powerful love story…oh and a good amount of humor which can never be taken for granted.

The Lake House, Kate Morton

Yes, another Morton book, but she’s my fave and this is her best and latest book.  I’ve only cried twice in my life because a book was over and this is one of them.  All of Morton’s books have a great twist at the end, but this one is so stealth it’s unreal.  The writing is impeccable, the setting is magical and I just love, love, love it.

The Interestings, Meg Wolitzer

This book is summer defined.  It follows a group of friends from summer camp to adulthood and has just the right amount of coming of age wisdom and ‘what is life?’ philosophy without getting too deep. It’s smart, it will make you think and probably feel things you haven’t since you were a teenager.

Brooklyn, Colm Toibin

I read this novel a few years ago and fell in love with every word.  If you’ve seen the recent movie you know that it’s a beautiful story, but the book goes even deeper than that. I don’t know that I’ve ever read a book with richer characters or more powerful imagery.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Betty Smith

If you’re going to attempt a classic this summer, make it this one.  It’s full of Americana and the kind of life lessons that can only be found in a good book. By the end of it you’ll feel like you understand the world a little better.

The Scent of Rain and Lightning, Nancy Pickard

If you need a good dose of intrigue and love with a dash of thunderstorm pick up this quick read. It’s another page turner and something about it just captured me. I think about re-reading it every summer.

Maine, J. Courtney Sullivan

Another dream of mine is to summer in Maine and Sullivan grants that dream.  She tells the story through the perspective of different women in the same family  (her specialty) and it feels like she’s deconstructed the female soul and split it into four women with their own distinct stories.  If you dig fascinating, inspiring female characters read this book.

A Discovery of Witches, Deborah Harkness

This is the first book in a supernatural trilogy for adults.  If you want to read about witches, vampires, and werewolves that are actually your age and not in high school (don’t lie, reading about those underage vampires makes you feel a little weird) this is your book. Harkness is a history scholar and it shows – this is the smartest supernatural book I’ve ever come across…and I’ve come across a lot of them;)

Some Luck, Jane Smiley

Another first book in a trilogy, but of a completely different kind.  Smiley’s trilogy tells the story of one family over the course of the 20th century.  It moves quickly, is extremely fascinating and tells the story of America through its most important component – families.

The House at Tyneford, Natasha Solomons

I read a lot (and I mean a lot) of historical fiction set in WWII England and this is one of my very favorites.  This is for all you Downton Abbey and/or history fanatics.  Because of this book I will read everything Solomons writes.



Early Warning, Jane Smiley

A God in Ruins, Kate Atkinson

Lilac Girls, Martha Hall Kelly

The Girl in the Spider’s Web, David Lagercrantz

The Book of Speculation, Erika Swyler


…these are what I’ll be reading this summer.  And with that, I think I’ll go read before bed. I’m not about detention, y’all.


What are you reading this summer? Do you have an all-time favorite summer book?


3 comments on “Summer Reading List

  1. Our library book club has “choose your own” for the August selection so I’ll be reading The Lake House. 🙂
    … But I really want to read Maine, too!

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