Home Library Makeover

There are few things I like better than a room makeover.  When I was a kid, I remember ‘re-doing’ my room a few times a year.  I would clean it out (I was a purger even back then) and rearrange all of my toys and any furniture that I could move at ten years old.  I spent all day in my pink room at the top of the stairs and then after one final fluff of my pillows and Barbie’s hair I would dramatically call my parents up for the final reveal.  Ta-da! I’m sure they were super impressed.

Not much has changed, you guys.  For about a year our library has been half-finished.  When we moved in, the bookcases and crown moulding/baseboards were painted white, we replaced the light fixture and we hung curtains, but that was about it.  The room was in need of a rug and a new desk.  It takes me a long time to buy a rug because a) they’re so expensive and b) it’s hard to find the right one.  A rug sets the tone of the room – it can either overpower it or bring everything together and sometimes the line between those two things is very thin.  In the end, I decided to move our living room rug into the library and buy a new, larger rug for the living room.  Notice how I finagled two room makeovers out of that one purchase? 😉

For the desk problem, I sold the desk that came with our house and moved in an old desk of mine that I’ve had since college and painted it with gray chalk paint.  It was like I got a brand new desk for free!

The room has gone through quite the transition, so let’s start at the beginning:

Home Listing Photo

And now…











If you want to make a book wreath of your own, check out my how-to post.




So what do you think? Isn’t a room makeover good for the soul?  Thanks for stopping by!


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